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068 - Machamp :iconpawprint-padding:Pawprint-Padding 18 2 067 - Machoke :iconpawprint-padding:Pawprint-Padding 20 0 Jockstraps and Padding :iconpawprint-padding:Pawprint-Padding 14 1 Zion the Model :iconpawprint-padding:Pawprint-Padding 20 2 757 - Salandit :iconpawprint-padding:Pawprint-Padding 24 4 Harold's Secret Fetish :iconpawprint-padding:Pawprint-Padding 21 7 Pouty Piney :iconpawprint-padding:Pawprint-Padding 12 1 388 - Grotle :iconpawprint-padding:Pawprint-Padding 23 12 336 - Seviper :iconpawprint-padding:Pawprint-Padding 23 7 335 - Zangoose :iconpawprint-padding:Pawprint-Padding 27 8 Pirate Padding :iconpawprint-padding:Pawprint-Padding 17 0 Nutty's Diapers are ... Edible? :iconpawprint-padding:Pawprint-Padding 18 1
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I'm the artist who is notable for padded Pokemon, padded Happy Tree Friends, and padded characters from other cartoons/games/etc. There are characters in this gallery you don't normally expect to be diapered. I am also notable for a unique and fun cartoon style I have.


Litten Babs :iconmisty-hooves:Misty-Hooves 9 1 Blorting Those Pamps :iconmisty-hooves:Misty-Hooves 8 3 Dingodile :iconsylph-space:Sylph-Space 28 2 Baby Incineroar :icongrimmcorneliusgrey:GrimmCorneliusGrey 18 4 Baby Grovyle :icongrimmcorneliusgrey:GrimmCorneliusGrey 19 1 Baby Sneasel :icongrimmcorneliusgrey:GrimmCorneliusGrey 20 1 3rd Twitter Diaper Poll Winners! :icongrimmcorneliusgrey:GrimmCorneliusGrey 26 4 Knock Before Opening the Door! :iconhourglass-sands:Hourglass-Sands 104 0 Gilda's accident + SCP arcade preview build :iconhodgepodgedl:hodgepodgedl 40 10 More padded perspective :iconthe-kyu-shop:The-Kyu-Shop 58 7 caught in the act :iconthe-kyu-shop:The-Kyu-Shop 85 30 Bosky's new movie hero! :iconboskyfoxy:Boskyfoxy 61 7
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Diapered Bandicoot :icontheliljdude:TheLiljdude 41 8
Diapered Bowser Jr :iconshimiri:shimiri 67 35 Goodra bab :iconmewzy148:Mewzy148 18 2 COM: Bonnie Babied Bunny :iconpaddedteddybear:PaddedTeddyBear 29 6


... of Nutty's edible candy diapers?

01. Peppermint
02. Mint
03. Chocolate
04. Vanilla
05. Strawberry
06. Blueberry
07. Cherry
08. Grape
09. Lemon
10. Orange
11. Watermelon
12. Avocado

By the way, these sweet tasting pamps are for adults only.


Pawprint-Padding's Profile Picture
Austin the Cougar
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Diaperfur account of :iconfluffy-marshall:

Austin is the mascot for this DL account because Austin looks hot in his pawprint diapers.

I may be into diapers, but please keep in mind that I am not an adult baby in real life. Not only am I not an adult baby, I don't even wear adult diapers in real life either. I condone to only making artwork that involves padded content because I'm just into that stuff, mainly because diapers can look stylish with unique designs for specific characters. I also "pad up" Pokemon and other cartoon characters as well.

Again, just keep in mind that just because I'm into diapers DOES NOT mean I'm ABDL, I'm not necessarily that way. I'm basically DL only, but I'm pretty much one of the more tame diaperfur artists around.


I'm having some thoughts about drawing Stimpy in diapers; Same still goes for Reptar, though.
A butt month idea: Undertale's Doggo twerking his booty while wearing a chocolate-flavored candy diaper under his pants.
The Padded Pokedex pictures for the Kanto starters and their evolutions would probably be my first nine pictures for 2018.
Actually, no new artwork until March 24th and Messy Monday will return March 27th.  Sorry for my inconvenience, lately. ^u^;
Sorry folks, no new art uploads until Saint Patrick's Day.  Messy Monday will be back on March 20th.


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diamondTY Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
WilliyTheGamerDude Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2017
OH MY GOD, I just noticed this! In your Pokémon stuff, you don't have a Kalos OC yet! You have the other 6 regions, but no Kalos. LOLOLOL
ponces245 Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
art trade?
LuxrayBlast Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2017
May I use the Luxray wearing the Electric Type Matchup as an OC?
(1 Reply)
silvertheangle Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
OK I've looked through your art, and to give ya some props, your stile is fairly good. not a fan of the circle eyes and head, but the coloring and anatomy is good. but the subject mater is..ugh...i'm not a fan of any fetish, but from my understanding, isn't a fetish supposed to be, ya know, secrete? shame is common for fetish makers comments, but i'm not a rude dummkopf who doesn't know what criticism is, speaking of witch, i'm glad your accept criticism, most fetish art makers are anti criticism, deleting all criticism that helps. so the only real thing i can say is, work on the paws, eyes, and head. the paws sometimes lose their depth and shape, making it look odd.
well, that's all i got.
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